A digital, multifunctional and highly customisable tool that allows you to manage and document security, safety and hygiene checks

For anyone that needs to perform regular building checks and document the results. The tool is usable in any public building such as

  • Hotels
  • Restaurants
  • Meeting venues
  • Office buildings
  • Clinics
  • Residences
  • Industry plants and others


With you SecureWalks you can:

  • Ensure accuracy and reliability of all your building checks
  • Guarantee documentation as per local standard
  • Expedite any needed work to comply with the required standards


How it works:

  • Employees are equipped with the tool and when they reach a pre-installed scan point, the device asks them individually pre-formulated questions, the answers to which are analysed immediately.
  • In case of deviations or abnormalities, work orders are directly created, and the responsible colleagues are notified.
  • SecureWalks generates reports, identifies trends and helps to optimise systems, whether security or cleanliness related.
  • Requirements can be based on the respective local regulations; the data collected is in turn relevant for insurance companies and authorities. Allowing you to comply with the needful in your local environment.
Helping in Times of Crisis

The current crisis caused an unprecedented challenge for the hospitality industry. We want to help. Get your special pre-configured check list to manage the control requirements related to COVID19. 

If you are a SAMFEX user or not, if you are now getting ready to re-open your hotel, contact us for a special free of charge option we have prepared for you to use SecureWalks.

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