Work Requests

SAMFEX allows easy submission of engineering related work requests. Each department in your hotel or facility will be able to have a customized set up so they only need to deal with what is relevant to them. With the work request tool engineering`s daily work is easily structured due to flexible and automated escalation of tasks.

Preventive Maintenance

Your hotel needs to remain in good shape and a safe place to stay. To help manage and schedule reoccurring tasks in the area of preventive maintenance use SAMFEX to  create simple and complex plans, control your budget and plan replacements.

Maintenance and Quality Check Lists

You can create customised checklists for any preventive maintenance or any quality control process. Standards that are not met, can generate a work request and can be easily followed up. Regular checks will improve your standards and enhance the guest experience.

Spare Part Management

Use SAMFEX to track your spare part consumption and help you manage costs.




Room Status

SAMFEX provides an overview of entire hotel room status. Room status can easily be updated through a mobile device, allowing immediate information to everyone concerned. The mobile application provides important information on the guest to help efficient internal work processes and to garantee a superior guest experience. Automated check-out alerts help Housekeeping to remain flexible.

Assigning Cleaning Schedules

Housekeeping can organize their cleaning schedules easily, by assigning certain rooms, floors and hotel areas to room attendants. This is an automated process utilising dynamic room credit profiles. You can also assign additional tasks as per your standard.

Queue Rooms

These are rooms requested by the Front Office as a priority, due to the guest waiting.  The FO team specifies the room in SAMFEX and this is passed as a push notification to the HSK colleague attending to the specific room section.

“Do not disturb” and “Make up room” interfacing

Integrate your online DND and MUR system into SAMFEX to optimzie your process. With SAMFEX no guest needs to be disturbed, no associates are being held up in their work. Ensuring the best possible guest and employee experience.

Preventive Room Maintenance/ Deep Cleaning Schedules

Automatically schedule according to occupancy and availability of rooms. Use SAMFEX to keep your hotel in the best shape.

Associate Rewards

SAMFEX also includes a tool to measure cleanliness standards which you can use to track performance and for associate rewards.

SAMFEX-Wearable  for Housekeeping

The software is an evolution of SAMFEX, now capable to function in perfect harmony with the Microsoft Windows 10 based TREKSTOR IoT wearable. The device runs with Windows 10 IoT Core; in future can be used for most hotel applications SAMFEX has to offer and will help make processes and workflows even more efficient. With its rugged housing, it withstands harsh conditions and is durable. Light and small, the wearable will quickly become part of the daily gear – be it in maintenance, housekeeping or guest service. Just like the desktop and mobile version, SAMFEX wearable is intuitive to use, quickly set up and requires little training. Besides, the handy SAMFEX wearable devices are equipped with a bright TFT LCD screen, so information can be read at a glance, and with highly sensitive capacitive touch, so they can even be operated when wearing gloves. The powerful dual-band Wi-Fi, the Bluetooth® 4.0 Classic and NFC open up many possibilities of direct wireless data exchange and the lithium-polymer battery with an impressive capacity of 430 mAh lets the IoT device survive a long working day with no need for recharging.

With SAMFEX , it is more than just bringing paper to mobile. Contact.

Global Asset Management

Global Asset Management


Use SAMFEX to generate your RFP`s, purchase requests and purchase orders. Link to a pre defined approval workflow which handles automated stock updates.


SAMFEX offers you a unique inventory system, that allows you to treat fixed, lose inventory and spare parts in the same way.  SAMFEX stores all relevant inventory item information in one single place. Use the room data sheet to link your inventory to their physical location. SAMFEX  categorizes:

  • FF&E
  • MEP
  • Spare parts
  • Consumables
Inventory Kit

A detailed inventory is a tedious task. But it is critical to evaluate your entire asset. To help you accomplish this task easier, you can purchase a complete inventory kit. For you to keep. It includes:

  • 1 laser bar code scanner
  • 5000 asset tags/ inventory labels
  • 1 pre-installed tablet with SAMFEX
Asset Management

Track inventory throughout your property or the your entire organisation. With SAMFEX you can easily establish corporate maintenance standards and gather information about inventory TCO. Manage your deprecation with SAMFEX or interface to your finance system.


With SAMFEX you can easily dispose your inventory at the end of its lifetime allowing to manage your FF&E reserve.