Guest Service

Guest Service Requests

A request is a request. With SAMFEX you can  manage any type of service requests from a guest and escalate them to the team members who look after the guests requirements. Whether it is extra towels to be delivered or a light bulb that needs to be replaced.

Service Recovery

When things go wrong or not the way the customer expected, you can track this as “Goofs” in SAMFEX.  Allowing a speedy service recovery, improving service procedures in your hotel and enhancing the guest experience. The flexibility of SAMFEX allows to rename this feature according to your corporate or hotel`s preferences. 

Service Compliments

We also look at the bright side – SAMFEX  tracks recognition and guest`s positive feedback.

Luggage Tracking

Luggage handling can be a complex undertaking and with SAMFEX, luggage will never be delivered to the wrong room or get lost. Integrated with the hotel property management system, taking  the troubles away.

Other Concierge Services

SAMFEX allows seamless communication between Front Office and Concierge teams: FO sends guest requests like “pick up car” or “room move” to the Concierge colleagues and get immediate response once completed.

Duty Checklist

Integrate your hotel`s duty checklist and reporting standards into SAMFEX and get them scheduled to your mobile devices. Easing the duty shift itself and allowing reporting to everyone concerned in the hotel.