Industrial Services

Not only for hotels or buildings…
Use SAMFEX to Manage and Automate Planned and Reactive Maintenance in Industry Plants

What SAMFEX can do for you:

  • Stores, displays and manages detailed asset information 
  • Automated maintenance schedule 
  • Plant life expectancy 
  • Spare Part inventory 
  • Asset costs
  • Supplier/ vendor details
  • Plant energy consumption 

Enabling simple creation of short, medium and long term investment plans. SAMFEX records clear and concise audit trails for guaranteed accountability. SAMFEX manages work requests and planned maintenance using NFC technology. And this is consolidated to a central platform for multi -site visibility and management. Contracted or planned works are checked and approved using the same simplistic method. Delivered to a simple mobile user interface/ or a more detailed web based platform. Planned maintenance, reactive maintenance, contracted maintenance, and asset management, 

Tracking of Energy Consumption

In line with our GreenOne philosophy, SAMFEX also offers a module supporting your facility`s environmental initiatives and goals. Use the SAMFEX API to controll the energy consumption and collect environmental information. Use MBUS or S0 technology for central electricity, water and gas meter recording. Additional hardware and potential building infrastructure changes may need to be considered. 

Create Awareness and Visualize CO2 footprints

Use SAMFEX energy reporting to energy consumption and CO2 footprint to your plants unit reports – creating awareness.

Ensure Compliance with your Facility Control Standards by using SecureWalks

With you SecureWalks you can:

  • Ensure accuracy and reliability of all your building/ plant checks
  • Guarantee documentation as per local standard
  • Expedite any needed work to comply with the required standards

How it works:

  • Employees are equipped with the tool and when they reach a pre-installed scan point, the device asks them individually pre-formulated questions, the answers to which are analysed immediately.
  • In case of deviations or abnormalities, work orders are directly created, and the responsible colleagues are notified.
  • SecureWalks generates reports, identifies trends and helps to optimise systems, whether security or cleanliness related.
  • Requirements can be based on the respective local regulations; the data collected is in turn relevant for insurance companies and authorities. Allowing you to comply with the needful in your local environment.