Our company`s philosphy is a green – one.

Around 10 % of the worldwide energy demand comes from IT according to a recent report published by the Royal Institute of Technology, in Sweden. Especially servers have huge need for energy and are often only used to a small fraction. We initiated “green – one” to help change this. Our green-one philosophy has 2 main elements – reducing operating costs AND evironmental damage. We offer efficient services, intelligent system configurations and the consequent use of parts with the lowest possible CO2 emission without sacrificing performance. We succeed this also by using local suppliers and using high quality and durable components

Tracking of Energy Consumption

In line with this philosophy, SAMFEX offers a module supporting a hotel`s environmental initiatives and goals. Use the SAMFEX API to control the energy consumption and collect environmental information. Use MBUS or S0 technology for central electricity, water and gas meter recording.

Additional hardware and potential building infrastructure changes may need to be considered. But in view of contributing to sustaining a green planet, what would stop you?

Create Awareness and Visualize CO2 Footprints

Use SAMFEX energy reporting to post energy consumption and CO2 footprint of individual stays to guest`s folio. Creating awareness. Or go a step further, install room based metering and consider posting actual energy charges to folios.